What is Light Language?

Light Language is a sacred method passed down through the Mayans, which was received and translated by Starr Fuentes. This method utilizes the power and energy of platonic shapes, colors and light to manifest desires and intensions on the physical plane.

Light Language combines physics, sacred geometry and light and is very different from spoken language; it stays true to the form. The building blocks of our reality are the energies of light and the form that we give them.

Light Language grids are anchored within your aura, carrying the intention you wish to manifest in your life. The combination of 259 shapes and 152 colors makes Light Language an incredible and versatile tool which is applicable to all aspects of your life.

Light language grids

Like each star can represent one of your dreams, each grid helps you to manifest your dreams in your life. Light language grids can change patterns, help you heal physically, attract prosperity, change the relationship between people, a family or even between whole groups and countries. With the help of the Light language your aura around you will change and your intensions will manifest.

There are three different types of grids:

  • The 144 shape grids, also known as life-time grids refer to long term life goals such as finding your purpose in life, major healing issues etc...
  • The 49 shape grids are for short- to medium term goals and help with healing issues, finding a partner or help to support the relationship with your partner/family/co-workers work, removing obstacles, pursuing personal projects and creating new businesses etc...
  • The 7 shape grids are for personal and immidiate concerns: maybe you want to be more relaxed, let more energy flow into your life, be more focused etc… it addresses and works with your chakras and your aura. It can also change the energy of a home or office.

All grids are always for the highest good. Live your miracles, manifest your dreams and heal your life!

Getting your grid

As a light language worker I can evaluate your needs and intentions and recommend the type of grid best suited for your scenario.

Simple 7 shape grids cost 44 €

Intermediate 49 shape grids cost 121 €

Advanced 144 shape grids cost 254 €

For each 49 or 144 shape grid you get an extra one for a higher cause of your choice: e.g. supporting your community, terminating conflicts abroad or other causes always that work towards the highest good.

Grids can also be made as a gift but please be aware that the person needs to be informed and give his/her permission for the making of the grid!

Counseling & support sessions

Deep transformational work can be achieved through assessing the root of your problem/s together and supporting you in your transformational work with guided visualizations, shamanic techniques and many other suggestions.

We will do various exercises together , all of them designated to further a smooth but deep change in you and around you.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and cost 56€.
You can also book 5 sessions for 254€ or 10 sessions for 425€

To find out more or order your grid please    Contact us