Why Fast?

We all walk around carrying the perfect pharmacy within ourselves : OUR BODIES ! Be good to yourselves and go for it!! Its worth every penny !

When we fast, we use our reserves and that is excellent, because our reserves behave in a very similar way to other stored perishable items. Normally there is an expiration date on the items you store in your pantry, fridge etc. The same applies to our bodies; if we want it to function 100%, it needs a regular clean up, even when you only consume super healthy foods!

Every Biochemist will confirm this. You only start using up your important reserves from the third day of fasting! Only then an in depth renewal of your cellular tissue (reserves!) is possible.

A 5-day fast, during which we only have a diluted juice for lunch (minimal vitamin intake) and a broth for dinner (minimal mineral intake) guarantees you a thorough cleanse. Only in this way can you properly cleanse (stay under 500ckal a day) and prepare yourself for future attacks on your health system (colds , abnormal cells, bacteria etc.). With other methods you will make your body more alkaline, but you will not renew your storage (because of too many calories) and that is highly recommendable.

A special film: FASTING and HEALING, shown during retreats (and my explanations, should you need them) will make you understand the fasting process and take away the fears and misconceptions you might hold regarding this marvelous way to become and stay healthy!! The film ends with a part about studies of how fasting has become a tool in the fight against cancer! Amazing!

Fasting traditions & Benefits

An experience that will move you in the innermost self. Try it, it's worthwhile.

The animal world has taught us for millennia that fasting is a way to self-healing.
For example, sick cats stop eating so that the energy which would have been used for digestion temporarily serves for healing. Every child sick with high fever refuses food out of the same instinct.
Since living memory, we have fasted either as the result of religious beliefs or according to the natural rhythm of the seasons. In the case of religious fasts, fasting is experienced as a way to reflect upon the inner order and for purification. Fasting periods exist in all cultures.

In earlier times, the winter months were also a natural time to stop eating in our part of the world. The life of the often quoted Hunzas serves as a good example: In the central Himalayas, this population had to wait for up to two months for the barley to ripen and they were unable to bridge the gap with anything else. Nevertheless, during this time they carried on working quite happily in their fields and enjoyed a remarkable health. Nowadays, without these breaks, they suffer the very same diseases of civilization as we do.

Some of the benefits of fasting are:

  • Wellbeing - Improved sense of health, happiness and contentment - without going hungry :)
  • Detox - various toxins and dangerous substances are eliminated along with the fat deposits.
  • Connective tissue renews itself whereupon the complexion improves and skin imperfections disappear.
  • Stomach and intestinal flora regeneration.
  • Immune system strengthening - intestinal regeneration and the psychosomatic effects of fasting stimulate the body's own defenses.
  • Metabolism renewal. High cholesterol levels and high blood pressures drop and rheumatic pains cease.
  • Weight loss - on average men will lose 6 kilos and women 5 kilos in a single week of fasting.
  • Fasting helps to change strongly ingrained consumption habits, such as poor eating habits, alcohol or smoking.

Fasting also helps to slow down the process of biological ageing. You won't stop ageing, but you will definitely stay young longer.

Every healthy adult can fast for up to 14 days. Longer spiritual fasting should only be undertaken under doctor's supervision over periods of 2-6 weeks.

Fasting should be avoided by children up to 16 years of age and pregnant women. People who suffer from anorexia, bulimia, chronic kidney conditions, heart problems, liver ailments, diabetes, cancer and tuberculosis can (and in my eyes should) fast but not at the House of Colors where we only offer fasting retreats for healthy people.

Our fasting method

We are actually walking around with the best pharmacy: OUR OWN BODY

We are equipped with such an amazing structure - our body - once our organism is left alone and not bombarded with constant food intake, it will use the now available energy to start working on itself, healing itself. You want to stay healthy, so treat yourself to your right to be healthy. People suffering from severe ailments need to inform us; we generally direct them to a Fasting Clinic.

Our fasting method consists of a very special program; everything that is done here is done to support the fasting process, making the experience much easier for you. And simultaneously, your cellular metabolism experiences a renewal.


Our fasting method is based on the Dr. Buchinger's tea-juice-broth method which is a well-founded, fully-accountable and healthy way to fast.

The body is supplied with watered down, ecologically produced fruit juices and vegetable broths, vitamins and mineral nutrients. In addition, two to three liters of mineral water are consumed daily. The intake of lots of water is important in order to be able to eliminate accumulated toxic substances.

Daily walks, yoga, massage and visualization sessions help create a perfect space to heal on more levels than just the physical one. Physical activity and fresh air aid the elimination process, speed up the decomposition of fats and help preserve muscle mass and proteins. Visualizations and sound healing help to eliminate unwanted patterns.

Our goal is to improve your holistic health, a content balanced healthy YOU and all our activities are geared to support the elimination process in a gentle and caring way.

The House-of-Colors-Fasting week for healthy people based on the Dr. Otto Buchinger method guarantees the maintenance of the protein levels, which are vital to your health.

Fasting is:

  • Fasting is and has always been part of our human nature, we are set-up to fast!
  • Fasting means living off the body's own reserves.
  • Fasting means that the organism can live off its own resources through self-control.
  • Fasting is the behaviour of independent people with the freedom of choice.
  • Fasting deals with the whole person, with each single body cell, one's soul and the spirit.
  • Fasting is the best way to stay or get fit and it helps to change certain habits while introducing new options for a happier and healthier life.

Fasting is NOT:

  • Fasting does not mean starving
  • Fasting has nothing to do with deprivation or insufficiency.
  • Fasting is not a diet.
  • Fasting does not have to be religiously motivated, nor is there anything sectarian about it.

Fasting at the House of Colors

Knowing that everything is interconnected, a fast will automatically enable emotional and mental cleansing. You are helped and supported in this magnificent process in the most beneficial way possible.

The staff is well experienced working on the physical, mental and emotional level. We work on the whole person; body, mind, spirit and soul to impact not only the metabolism, but also to open the doors to inner purification.

The period of fasting may be understood as a time to relax, reflect, contemplate, journey inwards as well as meditate, to self-realize and recuperate; or to alter and let go of unfavorable habits or addictions.

You can find the long lost peace inside yourself and reignite it, all of this happening in a fun and caring atmosphere. We open the doors to cellular healing and the vitalization of our bodies, minds and spirits.

All in all you will leave refreshed, revitalized and feeling a lot better about life in general, a truly inspiring experience.

Far away from the stress of daily life we fast and heal together as a group because it is so much simpler and so much more fun :)

The Fasting week - an overview


What you should pack:

  • Comfortable and warm clothes, layers.
  • Between May and October also bring your bathing costume
  • Good solid outdoor clothing and footwear
  • Dry body brushes with natural hair bristles
  • Sufficient change of clothes (made of natural fibers if possible as elimination through the skin is greater when fasting)
  • Be ready for new experiences

First fasting day's schedule
Hour Activity
07:30 Kneipp steps , followed by weighing, brushing and showering.
09:00 Glauber's salts - Chi-Machine aids elimination visualization.
12:00 Broth (mineral supply) or thinned fruit juice (vitamin supply) made of controlled organic produce.
12:30 Liver compress.
13:00 The afternoon consists of walks, massages, relaxation, conversation and much more.
19:30 Evening meal: broth (mineral intake). Then visualizations and talks are held. Lectures on the subject of health, exchange of experiences.
20:30 Going home.

The next four days of fasting are arranged in a similar way, except that Glauber's salts are replaced by enemas.

* Kneippism :This therapy, named after the Bavarian priest Sebastin Kneipp, leverages the metabolism and improves the blood circulation. Kneippism takes place in a knee-high water basin. The stork-like steps stimulate the lymphatic vessels and effect an improved elimination.

* Glauber's salt: After a detailed consultation, sodium sulphate salt is applied in personal made-to-measure doses. Our methods of administration have proved themselves to be thoroughly pleasant even for people with very bad experiences with Glauber’s salts. Thin and lean people and all those who have shown during the consultation that Glauber’s salts would not be conducive to them are recommended enemas. Glauber’s salts are a very efficient way of emptying the digestive system and an extraordinarily large help for the change from energy program 1 (the body nourishes itself from the outside) to energy program 2 (the body nourishes itself from its own sources): the fasting begins!

* The liver compress: During the fasting period the liver works uninterruptedly. We support it with the liver compress (consisting of a hot-damp liver compress). Through lying down alone the liver circulation is increased by 40%. The hot-damp liver compress: the addition of heat allows more blood to flow to the liver. Why damp? The compress is damp, because the liver consists 90% of water; heat alone would dry the liver out.

* Chi-Machine: The Energy Massage Machine. So straightforward, so ingenious, so effective and so valuable. With this training equipment we can improve our health condition while lying down and relaxing! read more...

build up days

The build-up days are extremely important. Instructions must be followed closely, to so that a full success of the fasting week can be achieved. These days guide you back to a more healthy way of nourishing yourself.

During these two days visualizations are offered, as well as many talks. As the second build-up day is often the day of departure, you receive a small lunch or dinner packet to take with you on the way home, which contains everything necessary to follow the specifications of the second build-up day.

Suggestions and recipes for further build-up days will be given out to take along with you.

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