Our philosphy

We prefer to think in a big, holistic, intimate and involved manner. At the House of Colors, we respond to a contemporary lifestyle while helping you to discover the path back to your true self, thus regaining the capacity to fully live and manifest your dreams.

People from all walks of life come to the House of Colors where this new lifestyle is about shared values, based on the notion that the world around us shapes and nourishes us. We have a deep appreciation for all things creative, with an involved and focused mind for the road that leads to creativity .The House of Colors responds to the environment as well as the individual, with the inherent knowledge that our emotions are the glue that hold our body and mind together. We relish the exploration of new directions in all that we do.

The House of Colors is tucked away high up in the northern hills of Ibiza in the middle of a Nature Reserve. Our beautiful location makes it so much easier to open your heart and willingly surrender to an enriching and rewarding experience!

The House of Colors is a Healing Center dedicated to redefine and find the balance in our daily lives, within ourselves and our environment, so we can live with joy!

Our team

Ilona Pantel Ayal

Ilona is a multilevel therapist and fasting-guide who works with the medicine that Mother Nature supplies. After years of applied studies and in-depth training in various holistic formations (psychotherapies and other healing approaches), she has gained the ability to experience and sense other people and their issues, thus supporting them on their healing journey.

Ilona received her Diploma in Psychology and has completed studies in several therapeutic techniques (Hakomi, Hypnotherapy, PCT). She studied in Barcelona and received her Diploma at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. Furthermore, Ilona deepened her training and knowledge in New York, Santa Barbara, Ojai and Seattle. She has worked in New York in different social areas.

Her holistic world-view has widened her alertness for the things we put into our bodies and their true nourishing mental, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual value. This realization brought her to the following conclusion, which she has been working with for years: fasting and detoxification combined with a great variety of different healing approaches is the best way to support the process towards a more fulfilled being, thus becoming your true self again. You are the master of your life! This is an experience that will move you to your innermost self.

After many years of self-experience in different areas of detoxification, Ilona completed her training as a Fasting Manager and Advisor in Dietetics at the DFA (German Fasting Academy). She has studied in-depth all aspects of fasting, the crises (important healing moments) and has successfully guided many transformational retreats since 2004.

Ilona is also a Light Language Practitioner and she has completed the Advanced Tachyon Technologies Wellness I and II, as well as Vertical I, II, and III. A fantastic addition to all of her programs.

Sylvie B

I started learning Yoga 17 years ago. My practice is the fusion of all the experiences I made through the years. I developed a style of teaching that is both nurturing and challenging. 
Yoga has survived thousands of years, because it works. We all know by now that it offers a wide range of physical benefits.
We move the body into different and new positions and relationships. So the body is realigned, revitalized and harmonized and these changes in the body also bring about changes in the mind.

I see in the practice of yoga as a wonderful way to allow us to become fully in touch with who and what we are. This is where my emphasis lies during this retreat: meet your (higher) self! Get in touch with your body, your breath and your mind. Through sensitivity, through feeling what you are doing, you will release tension, refine your body awareness, harmonize your breath and quiet your mind. Yoga is a perfect support during detoxification!

I am French and I have lived in Ibiza for 10 years, where I also teach privately.

Lisa N

In 1987 I began practicing yoga and became interested in Asian philosophies. This in term sparked an interest in holistic healing and I became involved with a complementary health center.

In the early 90´s I travelled to Asia to study traditional Thai massage and Yoga. I gained a certification at "The London School of Thai Massage" with Kira Balaskas and Asokananda, one of the foremost exponents of this art in the West. I also studied reflexology and advanced techniques with the „British School of Reflexology" with a particular emphasis on the digestive system. I still attend courses regularly to further my skills and knowledge.


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